Institution Licenses (1)

Can we have a customised version of Pro Film Docs made for our institution?

Yes – included in the price of an unlimited institution license is the option to have your institution’s logo on all documents, as well as your choice of fonts and some custom changes to documents. To do this, firstly please purchase an unlimited institution license and then email support@profilmdocs.co.uk with your request.

Template Contents (4)

What does the download consist of?

The Pro Film Docs template pack is a zip file containing folders of files, sorted by production area then by file format.

For more information on zip files, have a look at this site.

If you have any queries, email us at support@profilmdocs.co.uk

What font is used in the templates?

We’ve used Arial as it is one of the most popular and readily available on most computers but you can change the font to whatever you like in a word processor.

A document I need isn’t included, can it be added to the pack?

If you wish to submit a suggestion for a new template, please email us at support@profilmdocs.co.uk. If we decide it is a good addition, the pack will be updated and all license-holders will be eligible to download the new version.

What file formats are included?

Included are 3 formats:

  • Word Documents / .doc (editable and printable versions) – for use with Microsoft Office software, or word processors which can read .doc files
  • OpenOffice Documents / .odt (editable and printable versions) – for use with OpenOffice software, or word processors which can read .odt files. Open office is free to download here: http://www.openoffice.org/
  • PDF Documents / .pdf (printable version) – this format is for printing out without any editing.
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